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Lou Sartor

Fall 2009 (this course is inactive)

Textbook: Comparative Politics, 5th Edition, Charles Hauss

Recommended Supplementary Texts: A.P. Comparative Politics: A Study Guide and The A.P. Comparative Politics Examination: What You Need to Know

AP Government Booklet.pdf (pp 29-46)

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AP Comparative Politics Syllabus and Course Outline

Discussion Articles: "We (Teenagers) Don't Believe in Politics"; "Why They Hate Us", "America's 100 Years of Overthrow", "They Can Only Go Far (World's Bullies)"

Powerpoint: Chapter One

Chapter One: Introduction: Q&A, Miscellaneous Terms and Key Terms

Key Concepts: Issues in Comparative Politics, Comparing Political Systems, Political Culture, Interest Articulation, Interest Aggregation, Policymaking, and Public Policy

Handout: Comparative Government and Politics Vocabulary

Powerpoint: Chapter Three and my AP US Government Page

Chapter Three: USA: Q&A and Key Terms

CSPAN Video/mp3: Stephen Kinzer discusses his book Overthrow: America's Century of Regime Change from Hawaii to Iraq

Audioclips: Naomi Wolf Warns of Threat to American Constitutional Government (May 2008); Michael Klare discusses his book "Rising Powers, Shrinking Planet" (July 2008)

Links: BBC Profile of the United States of America, NYT articles re: USA, Factbook on USA, AP US Government Page


Discussion Articles: "Economy at 60-year low, says Darling;" Prime Ministers Since WW2, Tories Saw Little Hope in 2003, David Cameron and the Tories, Labour Facing Defeat; Can David Cameron Redefine the British Tory Party?; History shows that David Cameron can still win; Election Looming, Tories Put Posh Foot in Mouth; Briefing on the 2010 Election; Nick Clegg Throws a Wrench Into Election; British Election Offers Lesson; Not Their Finest Hour

Chapter Two: Industrial Democracies: Q&A and Key Terms

Chapter Four: Great Britain: Q&A , Post War Prime Ministers, Structure of Government, and Key Terms

Powerpoints: Chapter Two and Chapter Four

Summary Notes: Great Britain; Historical Turning Points; Political Turning Points; and Key Terms relating to the European Union

Videos: The Blair Decade; UK related Youtube Videos; UK: The Commanding Heights

Handout: Comparing Parliament with the US Congress

Audioclips: Tony Blair's Legacy as PM (May 2007); Labour Party's Losses in May 2008 Elections

Links: BBC Profile of United Kingdom, NYT articles re: United Kingdom, Washington Post Profile re: Great Britain, Factbook on United Kingdom. UK Government, Parliament Home Page, 10 Downing Street, British Politics Page, British Politics Group, Economist Country Briefing: Britain; English Bill of Rights; Labour Party; Conservative Party; Liberal Democratic Party


Discussion Articles: Mikhail Gorbachev: Man in the News; "Who's for Seconds?--Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin Share a Smile;" "A Cold War Redux is Seen on the Horizon;" "Wrong on Russia;" "Weakness in the Midst of Russia's Strength;" "Russians Confident That Nation is Back;" Medvedev Sweeps Presidential Election; Putin Vows to Fight Economic Collapse in Russia; Can Medvedev Emulate Gorbachev?; Perestroika Lost By MIKHAIL GORBACHEV; Russian Protests Seeking Ouster of Putin Fall Short;

Chapter Eight: Communist Regimes: Q&A and Key Terms

Chapter Nine: Russia: Q&A, pt 1, Q&A pt 2, Q&A pt 3 and Key Terms

Summary Notes: Russia; Historical Turning Points; Modern Timeline; Biographical Profiles and Political Turning Points

Powerpoints: Chapter Eight and Chapter Nine

Videos: The Russian Revolution; A&E Biography--Joseph Stalin; Russia related Youtube Videos; Russia: The Commanding Heights

Audio: Perspectives--Joseph Stalin and Nikita Khrushchev

Audio: mp3: Marshall Goldman discusses his book "Petrostate: Putin, Power and the New Russia"

Audio: mp3pt1 // mp3pt2: Stephen Colton discusses his book Yeltsin: A Life

Handout: Marxism: True or False

Audioclips: Boris Yeltsin's Legacy (April 2007); Anatol Lieven interview (June 2007); Lilia Shevtsova Q&A about Yeltsin and Putin Legacy (Nov 2007); Peter Lavelle discussing Russian politics (Dec 2007); PBS NewsHour discussion of Russia-Georgia conflict (Aug 2008); Eric Margolis discussing Russia-Georgia conflict (Aug2008); Margaret Warner discusses Russia today (July 2009); Archie Brown discusses the end of Soviet communism (Nov 2009); Dmitry Orlov discusses the collapse of the Soviet Union (March 2010);

Links: BBC Profile of Russia, NYT articles re: Russia, Washington Post Profile re: Russia, Factbook on Russia, Economist Country Briefing: Russia


Discussion Articles: Africa's Crisis of Democracy; What's Next for Nigeria?; Nigeria on the Brink; Nigerian President's Absence Stymies Foreign Firms; Goodluck Jonathan's New Role Split Nigeria's Ruling Party; Nigerian president's health remains a mystery; Taking turns at slaughter in Nigeria;

Chapter Sixteen: Nigeria: Key Terms; Major Events and Turning Points

Summary Notes: Nigeria and Leaders of Modern Nigeria Timeline

Overview: Nigeria: The Commanding Heights

Links: BBC Profile of Nigeria, NYT articles re: Nigeria, Washington Post Profile re: Nigeria, Factbook on Nigeria. Economist Country Briefing: Nigeria

Audioclip: Conflict in the oil rich Niger Delta (May 2008); Ed Kashi and George Caffentzis discuss the conflict over oil in Nigeria (Nov 2008); Sandy Cioffi discusses oil and Nigeria (August 2009) and her upcoming film, "Sweet Crude"


Discussion Articles: "A Long Wait at the Gate to Greatness;" "China's Neoliberal Dynasty;" "Succession a Top Issue at China Congress;" "Three Chinese Leaders Step Down," "U.S. Could Learn Much From the Chinese Educational System" "As China's Losses Mount, Confidence Turns to Fear: Officials Use Bailouts to Forestall Unrest"; "Factories Shut, China's Workers are Suffering"; $123 Billion--China's Estimated Economy by 2040; Little Leaps Forward?; Battling the Information Barbarians; When China Rules the World: An Interview with Martin Jacques; China or the US: Which will be the Last Nation Standing?; Bo Xilai's charm offensive is paying off politically in China; China's Challenge;

Powerpoint: Chapter Ten

Discovery Channel Videos: "The People's Republic of Capitalism"

Videos: China: The Commanding Heights

Video: mp3: Diane Wei Liang discusses her book "The Lake with No Name: A True Story of Love and Conflict in Modern China"

Video: mp3: Philip Short discusses his book "Mao: A Life"

Video: mp3: Roderick MacFarquhar discusses his book "Mao's Last Revolution"

Chapter Ten: China: Q&A pt 1, Q&A pt 2, Q&A pt 3, Modern China Summary, and Key Terms

Summary Notes: China; Historical Turning Points; Political Turning Points; Key Definitions; Leadership Timeline and Leadership Profiles

Audioclips: James Kynge discusses his book "China Shakes the World"(October 2006); Evan Osnos discusses his experience as a journalist in China (June 2007); Eric Margolis discusses China's relationship with Tibet (March 2008); Naomi Klein discusses China's emerging police state (July 2008); Minky Worden discusses human rights and the Olympic Games in China (July 2008); John Kamm discusses how Tiananmen changed China (June 2009); Evan Osnos discusses his experience as a journalist in China (June 2009); Martin Jacques discusses his book "When China Rules the World"(November 2009); Ann Tomkins and Robert Weil defend the Cultural Revolution (November 2009);

Links: BBC Profile of China, NYT articles re: China, Washington Post Profile re: China, Factbook on China, Economist Country Briefing: China


Discussion Articles: "Iran's Clerical Old Guard Being Pushed Aside," "Survey Says Iranians Favor Free Election of Their Top Leader;" "Oil Cash May Prove a Shaky Crutch for Iran's Ahmadinejad"; "Minister's Dismissal Is Setback for Iranian Leader"; My Visit to Iran: A Personal Account; Another Iranian Revolution: Not Likely; Man in the News: Mir-Hossein Moussavi; Iran Protests: Is Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei Winning?; Inside the Iranian Crackdown;

Chapter Thirteen: Iran: Q&A; Modern Timeline; Distribution of Powers in Government, and Key Terms

Summary Notes: Iran, Elements of Iran's Government, Political Turning Points, and The Islamic Regime

Powerpoint: Chapter Thirteen

Links: BBC Profile of Iran, NYT articles re: Iran, Washington Post Profile re: Iran, Factbook on Iran, Economist Country Briefing: Iran; Who Runs Iran

Audioclips: Hamid Dabashi discussing Iranian Politics (April 2007); Ervand Abrahamian interview (Sept 2007); Reese Erlich discusses his book "The Iran Agenda: The Real Story of U.S. Policy and the Middle East Crisis;" Conservatives Win in Parliamentary Elections (May 2008); Karim Sadjadpour discusses his book "Reading Khamenei" (July 2008); Robert Baer discusses Iran's influence in the Persian Gulf (Sept 2008); Rick Steves at the Commonwealth Club describing his trip to Iran (Jan 2009); Kenneth Ballen discusses upcoming Iranian elections (June 2009); Reese Erlich discusses the Iranian Elections (July 2009); Ervand Abrahamian discusses the Iranian Election (July 2009)

Booknotes Interview: Robin Wright's "In the Name of God: The Khomeini Decade"

Discovery Channel Video: Ted Koppel's "Iran: The Most Dangerous Nation"

Video/mp3: CSPAN's After Words with Barbara Slavin discusses her book "Bitter Friends, Bosum Enemies: Iran, the U.S., and the Twisted Path to Confrontation"

Video/mp3: BookTV Panel Discussion featuring Robert Baer, Keith Crane and Ali Nader: Iran--Another Intelligence Failure in the Making?

Video/mp3: BookTV program featuring Gholam Reza Afkhami describing his book "The Life and Times of the Shah"


Discussion Articles: Mexico's Democracy Under Threat; Mexico's Calderon Earns Good Marks; Past Wrongs, Future Rights; The Timeline for a New Mexican Revolution Comes Due; Mexico's Oil Politics Keeps Riches Just Out of Reach; Interview with David Shields-update on Mexico and oil; Juarez massacre may mark a turning for Mexico; 10 youths slain in Mexico;

Chapter Sixteen: Mexico: Q&A, Structure of the Government, and Key Terms

Summary Notes: Mexico, Turning Points, and Key Events

Powerpoints: Chapter 16 and Mexico

Video/mp3: PBS News Hour clip re: Mexican Presidential Inauguration December 1, 2006; Mexico: The Commanding Heights

Links: BBC Profile of Mexico, NYT articles re: Mexico, Washington Post Profile re: Mexico, Factbook on Mexico. Economist Country Briefing: Mexico

Audioclips: Mexican Presidential Election is Contested (Dec 2006); Former president Vicente Fox discusses his book "Revolution of Hope: The Life, Faith and Dreams of a Mexican President" (Oct 2007); Kevin Gallagher discusses Mexican politics and its economy (Nov 2007); Guy Lawson discusses Mexico as a Narco State (April 2009);

Video/mp3: C-SPAN interview of Arturo Valenzuela discussing the Inauguration of President Felipe Calderon

AP US Government Page


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